It is Out!!  As of 19 August 2010, we are shipping Lord Andrew McRobb's second CD.  It is a new direction for Lord Andrew in that it has both songs and spoken tales such as his well known "The Monks and the Greenhouse".  It also has his lone Sequel, which continues the story begun in the song "John the Pell".

This CD's track list includes:
     London Britches
     London Derriere
     The Monks and the Greenhouse
     The Legend of Bannochsburn
     The Last Viking Raid                Part of the Peg o'Myheart Sagas
     The Squire's Route
     Svea Olafsdotter
     The Man To Blame                   Sequel to the song "John the Pell"
     The Ballad of Pog o'Mahon     Added due to popular request at Pennsic XXIX
     A Dragon's Tale

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