Our first product, we were glad to make available Lord Andrew McRobb's first CD ever, including some of his most favorite songs!  "Andrew McRobb: Some Favorites" is   a limited edition release due to the costs of the music licenses.

The Track list for this CD is:
    Anthem For The East
    Archer's Hymn
    Bard and the Bees
    Blow Ye Winds
    Boudica's Saga
    Canon Smoke Swirling Around Me
    Chiurgeon's Song
    Cockleshell Hero
    Deedle Hie Deedle
    Duct Tape Song
    Gypsy Dancer
    Hurricane Tonight
    It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Pennsic
    John the Pell   (NOTE: The Sequel to this song is on "Tall Tales and Short Stories")
    Lady Marlene
    On Song Writing
    Pennsic 205
    Pennsic Weather
    Silent Knight
    The Banks of Cooper's Lake
    Wine and Beer and Whiskey and Mead

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